Open House Saturday

Tennessee Family Health & Obstetrics

Southern Tennessee Regional Health System announces an Open House Saturday, September 14, 2019 at Southern Tennessee Family Health & Obstetrics from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. to introduce Dr. Robyn Wilson, MD to the community.

After attending medical school at the University of Alabama Birmingham Dr. Wilson worked her residency at Indiana University Health Ball Memorial.

Offering free lunch and an opportunity to register for prizes, the open house at 26032 Main Street in Ardmore, Tennessee Family Health & Obstetrics will give the community and Dr. Wilson the opportunity to meet in a relaxed social setting. Dr. Wilson will offer family medicine and obstetric services.

Tennessee Family Health & Obstetrics will open for appointments and to see patients Monday, October 14, 2019. Services available will include, preventive care, adult care, minor skin procedures, acute illnesses (strep, flu, etc.), obstetrical care, newborn and pediatric care, breastfeeding counseling and contraceptive management.

For more information or to reach the office call (931) 427-3020.

Dr. Robyn Wilson, MD

Town Council Hears Projects Reports

The Alabama Town Council met in a regular session Monday, September 9, 2019.  Attending were Mayor Billy Shannon, Councilmen Ricky Mitchell, Billy Ray Hall, Mary Hobbs, and Melody Duffey.  Councilman Leah Faulk was absent.  Also present were Chief Kennedy, Terry Barkley, Shera Hunt and Tennessee Mayor Mike Magnusson.  Mayor Shannon called the meeting to order. Councilman Mitchell led the prayer.

Councilman Mitchell made a motion to approve the minutes of the August 12th meeting as typed. Councilman Duffey second and the vote was unanimous.

Terry Barkley stated that Duffey Boles painted the walking track and completed the project in three days and used three coats of paint. Terry also reported he has sent the specifics of the location of streetlights needed on Amy Circle to the engineering department at Athens Utilities and he is waiting on a response.  Mr. Barkley discussed turning at 6th street.  "There is a 3 inch drop off in asphalt at the corner," Barkley said.  Once

Newly painted surface of the Ardmore, Alabama Park walking track.

 the sidewalk is completed at the corner, town employees will saw cut and remove the old asphalt. Mr.Barkley will seek bids for a contractor to put in new and extended asphalt to making turning safer for residents.  Councilman Hobbs made a motion to give Terry Barkley the authority to have the work done, seek bids, and complete the project, if the total cost is under $1,000.00.  If costs exceed $1,000.00 Terry will bring it before the council for further review. Councilman Mitchell second and the vote was unanimous.

Terry told the council that the senior van has been taken in for painting and will be out of commission for 8 to 10 days.

Councilman Hobbs made a motion to approve the 2019-2020 budget as proposed. Councilman Duffey second and the vote was unanimous.

There were citizen complaints about a vacant house and property on Hodges Road having extremely high grass.  After speaking with the town attorney, the council hired Foster Miller to cut grass and clean up around the property and the town will send bill for $162.50 to the mortgage company for reimbursement.  A tile has also been replaced on Hodges Road and the town will get a bid on paving that road later.

Terry Barkley informed the council the lights for the sidewalk have been delivered.  Mayor Shannon gave an update on the progress of the sidewalk. According to Shannon, "The crews are behind schedule. The sidewalk will end at Whitt Street and where it will connect to Whitt Street contractors will hit a water line, so they requested the water line be lowered.  There could possibly be problems with lines between 5th and 6th streets also."

This was unexpected and the town nor water department have the funds to pay for lowering the lines. No decision was made, and Mayor Shannon asked council members to consider the situation and offer suggestions.

Sandra reported the Lighting of the Tinsel Trail will be Friday, December 6, 2019. Councilman Hobbs stated, "Santa Claus will be at the Bryan House on Saturday, December 7th from 10 a.m. until 12 noon.

There being no further business Councilman Mitchell made a motion to adjourn at 7:08 p.m.

Volleyball Court In John Barnes Park Nearly Complete

The Ardmore Tennessee City Council met in a regular session, Thursday, September 5, 2019. Attending were Mayor Mike Magnusson, Aldermen Spencer Smith, Paul VanManen, Garon Hargrove, and Raymond Crabtree. Aldermen Shayne Emerson and Jason Sherman were absent. Also present were city recorder, Mary Prier, Paul Manke, Parks Director, Tim Turner, Chief Jimmy Kennedy, Marion Isben, Andy Isben, Dan Isben, Lance Stamper, Margie Johnson, Jim Fritts and his son.

Mayor Magnusson called the meeting to order. Alderman Smith led the prayer and Alderman Hargrove led the Pledge of Allegiance. Alderman Smith made a motion to approve the minutes as typed for the August 1st regular meeting. Alderman Hargrove second and vote was unanimous. Alderman Crabtree made a motion to approve the minutes of the August 12th called meeting. Alderman Smith second. Aldermen Smith, VanManen, and Crabtree voted to approve, and Alderman Hargrove abstained, due to his absence during the meeting. Alderman Smith made a motion to approve the August expenditures. Alderman VanManen second. Vote was unanimous.

Alderman Smith made a motion to set the date for the fall large trash pickup the week of Monday, October 21st through Friday, October 25th. Alderman VanManen second. Vote was unanimous

The council received a report from the Park Advisory Board. Alderman Smith told the council Daniel Brooks has installed the sprinkler system. Sand has been put down on the volleyball court. Groundwork around the court needs to be completed and a fence with gates on two sides will be installed. The job for installing the fence will be put up for bid. Parks Director, Tim Turner stated he had a meeting for people interested in playing volleyball and had a great turnout.

Mayor Magnusson showed everyone a large banner that was given to the city by 256 Sign Company. It will either be displayed inside city hall or hung outside under the TN state flag. FNB Bank is deeding the street between their ATM and Burger King to the city for through access from the main road to the city Annex building. Mayor Magnusson paid $500 for the survey of the street. If the city should decide they do not want that access anymore they must deed it back to FNB Bank.

Discussion of applying for a sidewalk grant was postponed until the next meeting. The city may qualify for a grant that allows the state to pay 95% and the city pay 5%. Mayor Magnusson reported the work on Morrow and Gowan Roads has been completed as well as sealing and striping the Annex building parking lots.

A Highland Heights citizen made a request for speed bumps to be installed on Highland Drive. Mayor Magnusson said he will have to discuss the matter with the city's attorney as to the legal aspects of installing speed bumps in residential areas.

Alderman VanManen made a motion to reimburse an officer who spent his personal funds to help a family in need. Mayor Magnusson stated the city can't reimburse officers for personal monies spent. After further discussion, Alderman VanManen withdrew his motion.

Mayor Magnusson informed everyone that Tennessee State Representative, Clay Doggett will be at city hall for a town hall meeting Tuesday, October 8th, at 1 p.m. He encouraged everyone to come out and meet Mr. Doggett.

There being no further business, Alderman VanManen made a motion to adjourn. Alderman Crabtree second. Vote was unanimous. Meeting adjourned at 7:31 p.m.

With fresh sand in place the Volleyball court in the John Barnes Park needs only fencing to be complete. (YCS photo by Patricia Coulter)

Bella Hallman

Bella Hallman Makes Bags For St. Jude Patients

Seven-year-old Bella Hallman recently learned about St. Jude Children's Hospital. While at the Crape Myrtle Festival in Ardmore with her parents, Bella heard about St. Jude. She asked her dad what St. Jude was all about.

Bella's dad looked up St. Jude online so that Bella could learn about the children's hospital and how it helps children with cancer. Bella was so touched by this that she decided to do something special for the children.

She has 30 bags filled with a stuffed animal, coloring books, crayons, and a personally signed greeting card. These bags will be sent to St. Jude to be given to the patients.

Bella is the daughter of Sean and Michelle Hallman.

Blanche Community Breaks Ground For New School Building

Lincoln County Commissioners approved the building of a new school in Blanche, Tn and the process began.

Based on a recommendation from Dr. Bill Heath, county school system director, the school board voted unanimously to involve architect, Kaatz Binkley Jones and Morris (KBJM), in preliminary planning going forward with constructing the new Blanche School.

Plans are to begin construction immediately on the new approximately 75,000 square foot building to house the school and Gymnasium and locker rooms. Although the plans do call for construction of earthen pads where an athletic field and supporting field house will be built sometime in the future. Officials plan to open the school in 2021.

Brianna Brown, Jaxson Baker, Elizabeth Dollar, Voilet Nelson, Jayna McKinley, Harley Crabtree, David Michael Moose, Maylana Street, Joey Patrick, Sid DeWeese, Liam Lynch, Jesse Patrick, Lily McSwain, Gideon Beard, Jackson Osborn and Band Director Mr. Ottie West. (YCS photo Joe Stagner)

Blanche Jr. Pro Cheerleaders front, from left,  Madelynn Huntoon, Andrea Graham, Chloe Hammonds, LakeLynn Pitts, Raegan Nichols, Teagan Parks, Emma Billions, Bailey Hopkins, Skylin Craft and Ann Marie Chisum.

Blanche School Cheerleaders back, from left, Alyssa Curtis, Bulldog Mascot, Alexis Pearson, Lexie Atchley, Olivia Posey, Savannah Hardiman, Cheyenne Perry, Emma Brazzle, Erica Bryant, Claire Lane, Georganna Atkins.

Breaking ground for their new building Saturday, September 7, are representatives from each grade at Blanche School from left, Anna Fields, Camden Holt, Kenedie Holt, Jorge Ayala Huerta, Josiah Beard, Teagan Bigbee, Elijah Parks, Yarley Ayala Huerta, Landen Clum, Reagan Tucker and Liam Lynch. (YCS photo Joe Stagner)

Present at the ground breaking for the new Blanche School Saturday, September 7, 2019 at 1419 Ardmore Highway are from left, Lincoln County School Board Members, Jared Bradley, Kevin Posey, Sammy Tucker, Johnny Collins, Tommy Stevenson, Lincoln County Director of Schools Dr. Bill Heath,

Blanche School Principal Christy Wright, Lincoln County School Board Members, Jennifer Haynes, Susan Cowley, Carla Buchanan, Lincoln County Mayor Bill Newman and Student Advisory Member Andrew Dixon. (YCS photo Joe Stagner)

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