City of Ardmore, Tennessee Aldermen from left, Spencer Smith, Jason Sherman and Shane Emerson recite the Oath of Office as administered by City Attorney Joe Henry, Jr. prior to the opening of the Thursday night, January 10, 2019 City Council meeting in the council chambers at City Hall. (YCS photo by Joe Stagner)

Ardmore Mayor, Aldermen Sworn In

Meeting at 6:30 p.m. Thursday night, January 10, 2019 the Ardmore City council approved the minutes of their last meeting and the December 2018 expenditures.

On a motion by Wayne Harvell and second by Joe Stagner the council unanimously agreed to not sell the annex building.

The meeting was adjourned.

Newly elected Mayor Mike Magnusson was then sworn in by City Attorney Joe Henry, Jr. Henry then administered the oath of office to the three newly elected aldermen.

Mayor Magnusson then welcomed the sizable crowd that had gathered in the council chambers. Each of the new aldermen made brief statements thanking the citizens for their votes and support. Alderman Spencer Smith asked that everyone pray of the council.

Appointments to various boards and committees followed: Water Board, Jason Sherman and Shane Emerson; Library Board, Jason Sherman; Beautification Committee, Paul Van Manen, Spencer Smith and Jason Sherman; Planning Commission, Crystal Tucker, Mason Daniel, Toby Thomas, Nathan Hardiman with Aldermen Van Manen, Sherman and the Mayor. Members of the Street Committee will be Aldermen Garon Hargrove, Raymond Crabtree and Shane Emerson. The Parks Committee will include Sherman, Crabtree, Hargrove and Smith; Buildings and Grounds will include Garon Hargrove, Paul Van Manen and Spencer Smith. Mayor Magnusson chose himself to be the ECD representative with Van Manen, who has been attending the meetings, filling in as needed.

Attorney Joe Henry was retained for another two years. Henry related to those present that he had been practicing law for 45 years and that the City of Ardmore was his first client. Also retained for another two years was City Judge Joe Fowlkes. Mary Prier was once again elected City Recorder for four years and Shane Emerson was tapped for the vice mayor position for two years.

The council reviewed bids for repairs to plumbing and fixtures in the bathroom at the park. Bids submitted were Rooter Jet Plumbing LLC of Elkmont, AL $2,232.36 and James Ford whose bid was $2,540. On a motion by Crabtree, second by Smith the council unanimously approved the bid of Rooter Jet.

Sherman reported that the Ardmore Public Library was rearranging the work schedule and hours that were previously presented, however there will be no negative impact on the library's budget.

City of Ardmore, Tennessee Mayor Mike Magnusson recites the Oath of Office as administered by City Attorney Joe Henry, Jr. prior to the opening of the Thursday night, January 10, 2019 City Council meeting in the council chambers at City Hall. (YCS photo by Joe Stagner)

There being no more business to come before the City of Ardmore, Tennessee council, the meeting was adjourned.

Elkton, Tennessee Alderman Shockney To Resign

Mayor Caldwell called the Elkton Council meeting to order Thursday, January 10, 2019. Present were Aldermen Lathrop, Cary and Bonjour. Absent were Bryant and Shockney.

Everyone stood for the Pledge and the Invocation.

Alderman Cary made a motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting, Lathrop seconded and the motion passed 3/0. A motion to approve the financial report was made by Bonjour, seconded by Lathrop and passed 3/0.

Fire, Police and Street reports were reviewed. Police Chief Braden said he would like to have signs posted reading no Jake brakes allowed, noting there was a need to enact an ordinance. Mayor Caldwell reported that the fire truck is being repaired in the fire department. Alderman Lathrop made a motion to approve all reports, seconded by Alderman Bonjour and passed 3/0.

Alderman Shockney arrived at the meeting at 6:10 p.m.

Caldwell discussed the administering of the park grant. He asked if any of the aldermen would be willing to administer this grant. He then stated that he had been in touch with Chassity Martin at SCTDD to ask if they would administer the grant and was told they would for the amount of $1,500. Chassity said that there probably would be no environmental study because this area was used for recreation in the past. She also said that other cities use this service. The $1500 would come out of their match.

After discussion, the aldermen decided that the $1,500 was well worth it and Alderman Lathrop made a motion to have SCTDD administer the grant for $1,500, secondedby Alderman Bonjour the motion passed 4/0.

Savings accounts were next on the agenda. Bonjour made a motion to add money

to several savings accounts for future use, citing a police vehicle, park grant and road fund for example.

According to Bonjour's motion $1,068.86 in the Road Fund would be transferred to the State Street Fund. The Road Fund account would be closed and an account named Capital Projects Savings would be opened. In the Capital Projects Savings fund $2,000 would be deposited every month and in the State Street fund $1,000 per month. Lathrop seconded the motion and it passed 4/0.

A decision had already been made to deposit $500 per month into the Waste Water account but this is not allowed by the State, therefore Lathrop made a motion to deposit that $500 into the Capital Projects Savings account too, seconded by Bonjour and the motion passed 4/0.

Alderman Shockney then stated that he is resigning as alderman. He said that due to his job schedule he is unable to perform his duties as alderman and he would submit a letter of resignation effective January 31, 2019.

In concluding City Attorney Joe Fowlkes stated that the owner of Miranda's had been in touch with him and would like to begin opening on Sundays and that the holiday opening would not change. Mayor Caldwell asked Attorney Fowlkes to have Mr. Johnson submit in writing that he wanted to be open on Sunday in Elkton. Attorney Fowlkes also reminded the council that the ordinance for adult business times would have to be amended or rewritten to allow the change.

The council will discuss the proposal at a work meeting in February and make a decision at the regular February council meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 6:40 p.m.

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