ARDMORE Tennessee

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Ardmore Sonic Drive-In Awards $3,000 in Scholarships

The Nashville Advertising Co-op of Sonic Drive-Ins awarded fifty $1,000 scholarships to employees of their drive-ins Wednesday, June 10, 2020.  Over the past twenty years the Nashville Advertising Co-op of Sonic Drive-Ins has given in excess of a million dollars in scholarships to their employees.  The program began as the idea of Robert Newberry owner and operator of the Lewisburg, Tn. Sonic Drive-In.  At the time the scholarship program started, Newberry and other operators were looking for incentives that would help reduce turnover and attract higher caliber employees.  "Aiding employees in their education experience has helped many drive-ins keep well-trained associates on board," Newberry said.

Ardmore Sonic Drive-In employees Rachel Hargrove, Nicholas Baker and Grayson Manus each received $1000. Rachel Hargrove, who will be a freshman at Mississippi State University studying veterinary medical technology. Nicholas Baker, who will be a freshman at Calhoun Community College studying physical therapy assisting. Grayson Manus, who will be a freshman at the University of Alabama in Huntsville studying nursing.

The scholarship program has gone beyond regular employee retention in some cases.  In Dickson, Tn., Misty Meadows was an elementary education major who continued to work at the Sonic part-time while completing her education.  She received the scholarship four years in a row.  After Misty began her career as an educator she continued to work at Sonic part-time during summers and holidays.  Kent Alsup, owner and manager of the Dickson, Tn. Sonic Drive-In says of the program "it is one of the best resources we have.  This program lets us help the people who help us, without them we can't sell a single hamburger.  Sonic Scholarship is a program that lets our employees shine."

Ardmore Sonic Drive-In employees who recently received $1,000 scholarships from the Nashville Advertising Co-op of Sonic Drive-Ins are, from left, Rachel Hargrove, Nicholas Baker and Grayson Manus. (courtesy photo)

In order to qualify for receiving these scholarships, the employees must have worked in the drive-in for at least one year; acquire written recommendations from their store managers,

teachers, and other community leaders; and have completed high school and be accepted in good standing with a college or university.