U.S. Congressman for Alabama District 1 Bradley Byrne, left, discusses the unsafe driving conditions along Alabama Highway 53 with Alabama Representative Andy Whitt at the one lane railroad overpass in Ardmore during a visit to the area Tuesday, November 5, 2019. (YCS photo by Joe Stagner)

Ardmore City Council Approves Rate Hike

The Ardmore, Tennessee City Council held their regular monthly meeting Thursday, November 7th, at 6:30 p.m. in the council chambers. Attending were, Mayor Magnusson, Councilmen Smith, VanManen, Hargrove, Crabtree, and Sherman. Councilman Emerson was absent. Also attending were, Chief Kennedy, Parks Director Tim Turner, Paul Manke, Margie Johnson, Mason Daniel, Ed Burgoon, Ronny Cornelison, Lynn Richardson, Tina Billons.

Mayor Magnusson called the meeting to order and said a prayer. Councilman Sherman led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Councilman Crabtree made a motion to approve the minutes of the October 3rd meeting, Councilman Sherman second. Vote was unanimous. Councilman Hargrove made a motion to approve October expenditures, Councilman Sherman second. Vote was unanimous.

Lynn Richardson, owner of Richardson Waste Solution and Removal of Fayetteville, TN, requested a $2.00 per household raise for residential trash pickup and disposal. Mr. Richardson told the council he has been serving Ardmore for 52 years. Current residential rates are $16.00 and appear on Ardmore resident's water bill monthly. Richardson stated Lincoln County rates are $24.00 per month. The transfer fee to carry trash to the incinerator in Huntsville, Alabama is $40.00 per ton. The last raise Richardson received was in May 2015. He is requesting a raise to help cover expenses, costs and upkeep of equipment, insurance, etc. Commercial rates haven't been raised in 10 to 15 years. Those rates could possibly increase $10.00 per month next year. Councilman Hargrove made a motion to approve the $2.00 monthly raise and Councilman Sherman second. Councilmen Smith, Hargrove, Crabtree, and Sherman approved. Councilman VanManen opposed. Motion carried.

Resolution No. R-19-11-07, A Resolution Establishing Fees for Solid Waste Collections and Disposal Service was read by City Recorder Mary Prier. Councilman Sherman made a motion to pass the resolution and Councilman Crabtree second. Councilmen Smith, Hargrove, Crabtree, and Sherman approved. Councilman VanManen opposed. Motion carried. New fees will be effective January 2020.

Mayor Magnusson stated the bridge on Stateline Road, near WSLV Radio Station, needs immediate repairs. The council advertised for bids for the project and received one bid. RJ Watkins and Sons of Pulaski gave a bid of $21,000.00 for repairing the existing bridge. Barry Hyatt, Giles County Road Commissioner inspected the bridge and recommended repairs be done soon. According to Hyatt, if more damage is done before repairs are made it could cost up to $100,000.00 to replace the bridge. Since the bridge is partially located in Tennessee and Alabama, the council asked if the Town of Alabama is planning to help. Mayor Magnusson assured the council the town will cover some of the costs. He will contact Mayor Shannon to discuss the matter. There will be a special called meeting of the council after Mayor Magnusson and Mayor

Shannon discuss the situation. The matter was tabled until the special meeting.

City Recorder Mary Prier shared information on pricing for Christmas pole banners and wreaths to decorate Main Street. Twenty Christmas pole banners will cost $3,678.00 including brackets for mounting. Twelve Christmas wreaths and mounting hardware will cost $2,676.00 for a total cost of $6,354.00. The city has some banners and brackets from years past and plans to use those along with the new banners and wreaths. After much discussion, Councilman Sherman made a motion to approve the purchase of banners and wreaths. Councilman Smith second. Councilmen Smith, Hargrove, Crabtree, and Sherman approved. Councilman VanManen opposed. Motion carried.

Mayor Magnusson asked the council to approve $500.00 for the City to purchase a table at the Ardmore softball banquet. Councilman Smith stated the banquet will be held in the middle school gym at Ardmore High School this year. The school can no longer use the event center in Athens for the banquet. Councilman VanManen questioned why the city is paying for a table for the banquet. Mayor Magnusson stated the council has done this for years. Councilman Sherman made a motion to approve and Councilman Smith second. Councilmen Smith, Hargrove, Crabtree, and Sherman approved. Councilman VanManen opposed. Motion carried.

Mayor Magnusson informed the council there are many people traveling through the city and some looking for homes in Ardmore. "We need to keep the city and town looking nice and clean," Magnusson said. The Mayor then asked Chief Kennedy to step up the police department's enforcemnent of the littering laws. He also asked Kennedy to be sure to follow up with complaints about dogs running loose and pit bulls living in the city limits. Mayor Magnusson suggested the city ordinance concerning littering be placed in the local newspaper as a reminder to citizens.

Councilman Smith reported all the work at the park is complete, including fencing, gates, dugouts, and volleyball court. He thanked Park Director Tim Turner for all his work and said the park looks good.

Chief Kennedy reported he sold two of the old police vehicles for a total of $2100.00. He stated $900.00 will go back into the drug fund. The Chief said that he sold the vehicles through Fowler Auction Company.

Mason Daniel asked about some of the playground equipment that is broken and unsafe. The mayor stated he would check on the pieces. Tina Billions shared a complaint about dogs still running loose in her neighborhood and drivers running stop signs and speeding. Mayor Magnusson assured the Billions the police are patrolling more in that area and are doing what they can to catch the speeders.

There being no further business Councilman Hargrove made a motion to adjourn. Councilman Smith second. Meeting was adjourned 7:25 p.m.

Tinsel Trail Registration Open

The Greater Ardmore Chamber is now taking Tinsel Trail registration forms. You can pick-up a form from any Chamber member's business or individual Chamber member.

The Tinsel Trail lighting will be held Friday, December 6, 2019. The Cedar Hill Children's Choir will be performing.

Forms may be downloaded from the chamber website at

Deadline to submit the Tinsel Trail forms is 4:00 p.m. Tuesday, November 26, 2019.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the Greater Ardmore Chamber Office at 26461 1st Street, 256-423-6177 or

Christmas Cards for the Holidays

The City of Ardmore Park and Recreation committee is offering Christmas Greeting Cards for sale. The cards will be displayed along the walking track in the John Barnes Park.

The greeting cards will be printed on corrugated plastic four feet by six feet, semi-folded to simulate an actual open greeting card, and lights will be placed so that the message on the card is visible both day and night.

Cards may be purchased at City Hall located at 25844 Main Street, Ardmore, TN, or from Park Director Tim Turner.

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